Jeffrey Carmine Scalzo, Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, Virginia

Jeffrey Carmine Scalzo, Detective
Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office
Loudoun County, Virginia

His bosses are trying very hard to keep this embarrassment from being identified publicly, claiming that it would endanger his undercover detective work.  However, no undercover detective who is truly concerned about discretion would register a public profile on LinkedIn as this bozo has done.

WJLA:  Loudoun County detective charged with driving while intoxicated (Nov 14 2012)

An undercover Loudoun County Sheriff’s detective was charged with driving while intoxicated after he allegedly struck two parked vehicles in Lansdowne.   Authorities are not identifying the detective because of safety concerns and the detective’s ongoing criminal cases. The detective was charged on Nov. 10.  The detective is a 10-year veteran of the force.

Loudoun Times:  UPDATED: Loudoun deputy arrested for DWI; officials deny FOIA request  (Nov 14 2012)

The department will not release the name of the deputy because he is part of an ongoing undercover investigation, [Liz] Mills [LCSO spokesman] said.  The deputy has been employed with the Sheriff’s Office for 10 years  …  The Loudoun Times-Mirror on Nov. 14 filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the incident report in connection with the arrest.

More likely they’re concerned that his credibility as a witness goes south when his DUI status is known.  Given that he’s supposed to be on administrative leave, he’s no longer “part of an ongoing undercover investigation”.  A bit farther down the column, the Loudoun Times continues:

Officials with the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office on Nov. 16 responded to the FOIA request, saying they could not release the incident report because it was part of an ongoing investigation.

“The information you have requested is exempt under § 2.2-3706 (D) of the Code of Virginia (Freedom of Information Act), as release of the information you seek could identify an undercover officer and jeopardize current ongoing investigations or prosecutions,” the response said.

Kind of repetitive, aren’t they?  Let’s help spokesperson Liz move her needle over to the next track.

The bozo’s name is Jeffrey Carmine Scalzo.  He resides in Leesburg, Virginia, zip code 20176.

Jeffrey Carmine Scalzo is charged with driving while intoxicated and refusing to submit to a breath or blood test.  You just gotta love it when cops refuse to submit to their own procedures!

PDF copies of the court dockets for the two charges are attached below.  And last but not least, here’s the top-secret confidential undercover bozo’s profile at the well-known website LinkedIn:

Jeffrey Scalzo, Ace Top-Secret Detective
Profile at LinkedIn

Jeffrey Scalzo Court Docket: Driving While Intoxicated (PDF)

Jeffrey Scalzo Court Docket: Refusal of Breath/Blood Test (PDF)

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