Patricia R. Baran, Henrico County Sheriff’s Office, Virginia

Patricia R. Baran
Henrico County Sheriff’s Office

Richmond Times-Dispatch:  Henrico deputy faces cocaine, DUI charges (Dec 9 2012)

A Henrico County sheriff’s deputy has been charged with DUI, refusal to take a breath test and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, police said Saturday night.  Patricia R. Baran, 43, of the 2400 block of Three Willows Court, was arrested Thursday when officers responded to a two-vehicle crash at 12:47 a.m. at West Broad Street and Westerre Parkway, said Doug Perry, a police spokesman.

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Steven “Matt” Webb, Charleston Police Department, West Virginia

Steven “Matt” Webb
Charleston Police Department
West Virginia

WSAZ:  UPDATE: Two Charleston Police Officers Placed on Leave after DUI Arrest (Dec 9 2012)

Corporal Steven “Matt” Webb has been charged with misdemeanor DUI 0.150 or under and misdemeanor leaving the scene of an accident.  According to the criminal complaint and police report, Webb, 40, of Huntington, was driving his Jeep in the 100 block of West 6th Avenue in Huntington about 2 a.m. Sunday morning when he hit another vehicle and took off.

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Paula M. Barratto, Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office, Massachusetts

Paula M. Barratto
Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office

Berkshire Eagle:  Berkshire County deputy charged with drunken driving in New York (Dec 8 2012)

A Berkshire County Sheriff’s Department deputy is facing drunken driving and harassment charges in New York state following a traffic stop late last month, according to information recently released by New York law enforcement officials.  Deputy Sheriff Paula M. Baratto, 41, of Dalton, was stopped by state troopers on state Route 351 in the town of Poestenkill, N.Y., on Nov. 30 after being observed driving erratically, according to the New York State Police.  Law enforcement officials allege she failed field sobriety tests at the scene and later, while being pr-ocessed at the Sand Lake state police station, she kicked one of the troopers.

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Elizabeth Ward, Boulder Police Department, Colorado

Elizabeth Ward
Boulder Police Department

KDVR:  Police: Off-duty Boulder officer admitted to driving drunk (Dec 6 2012)

According to a report, an off-duty Boulder police officer admitted that she was driving drunk on Tuesday.  According to the Boulder Daily Camera, Thornton police say they found Elizabeth Ward stopped on the shoulder of I-25 after receiving calls about a drunk driver. When officers asked why Ward had pulled over, she reportedly responded, “I’m drunk.”

And the best part of it:

… she was released in the custody of Boulder police sergeant instead of taken to jail.

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Nothing like a little professional courtesy humiliation!  :)

According to another article, the tidbit about her professional courtesy humiliation was incorrect, and Elizabeth Ward was in fact booked into the local lockup.

And finally, it seems that Little Miss Lizzie was the Boulder Police Departments go-to girl for busting drunk drivers:

Daily Camera:  Boulder cop suspected of driving drunk was department’s DUI officer  (Dec 6 2012)

The off-duty police officer arrested in Thornton this week on suspicion of driving drunk was the Boulder Police Department’s DUI enforcement officer — and also the second member of the department to face drunken-driving charges in the past month.  Elizabeth Ward, 36, was the Boulder Police Department’s only officer assigned solely to DUI enforcement, Chief Mark Beckner confirmed Thursday.  While all officers are tasked with enforcing DUI laws, Beckner said the department assigns certain officers to specialize in drunken-driving enforcement.

I guess it takes one to know one.

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Scott Morris, Boulder Police Department, Colorado

Scott Morris
Boulder Police Department

Note that the headline below references another Boulder DUI cop (Elizabeth Ward) arrested more recently.  Apparently the arrest of Scott Morris didn’t attract any media attention until the media realized that the Boulder police had two officers out of action due to DUI arrests.

Daily Camera:  Boulder cop suspected of driving drunk was department’s DUI officer  (Dec 6 2012)

[Scott] Morris, 40, was pulled over at 9:22 p.m. Nov. 15 on northbound U.S. 36 near Middle Fork Road after a deputy clocked his Honda sedan going 76 mph in a 55 mph zone, according to a Sheriff’s Office arrest report.

Several of the deputies who participated in the traffic stop recognized him from previous stops, and one of them said he had been pulled over 44 times in the past several years, according to the report.

The arresting deputy noted that after Morris exited his vehicle, he appeared nervous, with bloodshot, watery eyes and breath smelling of alcohol.

When asked to perform a roadside sobriety test, Morris responded, “Can’t you just cut me a ticket?” according to the report. When asked again, Morris complied, then was arrested on suspicion of DUI.

Morris told the arresting deputy that he had begun drinking in his car about half an hour before being pulled over, according to the report. He said he had consumed half a pint of peppermint schnapps, according to the report.

An empty bottle of peppermint schnapps was found in the middle console of his car, and an unopened bottle of vodka was found on the passenger seat along with a loaded .38 Special Smith & Wesson revolver, according the report.

His vehicle also contained Boulder Police Department SWAT team gear, including loaded magazines for an assault rifle  …  Morris was booked and released from the Boulder County Jail on possible charges of DUI, speeding and prohibited use of a weapon, according the arrest report.

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Scott Kynoch, Barnstable Police Department, Massachusetts

Scott Kynoch
Barnstable Police Department

Burlington Free Press:  Cape Cod police officer convicted of DUI in Vermont resigns (Dec 4 2012)

A veteran Cape Cod police officer who pleaded guilty last month to driving while intoxicated in Vermont has resigned.  Barnstable Police Officer Scott Kynoch, 48, submitted his letter of resignation Monday instead of going through a hearing Tuesday to fight his anticipated dismissal  …  The officer was arrested twice over the past five months for drunk driving in Vermont. In November he pleaded guilty to the first drunk driving charge and to negligent operation of a motor vehicle to resolve the second drunk driving charge. He was sentenced to 10 days on a work crew, alcohol counseling and four to 12 months of jail time suspended.

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First arrest:  Failed Breathalyzer test; admitted taking Adderall, Flonase, Claritin D and another over-the-counter drug in the previous 24 hours

Second arrest:  BAC .12, tested postive for oxycodone & amphetamines

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Jeffrey Carmine Scalzo, Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, Virginia

Jeffrey Carmine Scalzo, Detective
Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office
Loudoun County, Virginia

His bosses are trying very hard to keep this embarrassment from being identified publicly, claiming that it would endanger his undercover detective work.  However, no undercover detective who is truly concerned about discretion would register a public profile on LinkedIn as this bozo has done.

WJLA:  Loudoun County detective charged with driving while intoxicated (Nov 14 2012)

An undercover Loudoun County Sheriff’s detective was charged with driving while intoxicated after he allegedly struck two parked vehicles in Lansdowne.   Authorities are not identifying the detective because of safety concerns and the detective’s ongoing criminal cases. The detective was charged on Nov. 10.  The detective is a 10-year veteran of the force.

Loudoun Times:  UPDATED: Loudoun deputy arrested for DWI; officials deny FOIA request  (Nov 14 2012)

The department will not release the name of the deputy because he is part of an ongoing undercover investigation, [Liz] Mills [LCSO spokesman] said.  The deputy has been employed with the Sheriff’s Office for 10 years  …  The Loudoun Times-Mirror on Nov. 14 filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the incident report in connection with the arrest.

More likely they’re concerned that his credibility as a witness goes south when his DUI status is known.  Given that he’s supposed to be on administrative leave, he’s no longer “part of an ongoing undercover investigation”.  A bit farther down the column, the Loudoun Times continues:

Officials with the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office on Nov. 16 responded to the FOIA request, saying they could not release the incident report because it was part of an ongoing investigation.

“The information you have requested is exempt under § 2.2-3706 (D) of the Code of Virginia (Freedom of Information Act), as release of the information you seek could identify an undercover officer and jeopardize current ongoing investigations or prosecutions,” the response said.

Kind of repetitive, aren’t they?  Let’s help spokesperson Liz move her needle over to the next track.

The bozo’s name is Jeffrey Carmine Scalzo.  He resides in Leesburg, Virginia, zip code 20176.

Jeffrey Carmine Scalzo is charged with driving while intoxicated and refusing to submit to a breath or blood test.  You just gotta love it when cops refuse to submit to their own procedures!

PDF copies of the court dockets for the two charges are attached below.  And last but not least, here’s the top-secret confidential undercover bozo’s profile at the well-known website LinkedIn:

Jeffrey Scalzo, Ace Top-Secret Detective
Profile at LinkedIn

Jeffrey Scalzo Court Docket: Driving While Intoxicated (PDF)

Jeffrey Scalzo Court Docket: Refusal of Breath/Blood Test (PDF)

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Paul Henderson, Fort Worth Police Department, Texas

Maj. Paul Henderson
Chief of Staff
Fort Worth Police Department
Fort Worth, Texas

Star Telegram:  Fort Worth police chief of staff arrested on DWI charge (Dec 1 2012)

During a rash of incidents involving Fort Worth police officers and alcohol, chief of staff Paul Henderson summed up the department’s frustrations when he declared: “We are absolutely fed up with dealing with this off-duty behavior.”

That was in April 2010. Eight months later, despite mandatory alcohol awareness training for all police employees, two officers were arrested in a five-day period on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. A year later, another officer faced DWI and gun charges.

Early Saturday, Henderson himself was arrested on suspicion of DWI when a Department of Public Safety trooper saw him make an unsafe lane change near the Interstate 30/20 split in Parker County, a DPS spokesman said.

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Thomas Banks, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, Ohio

Thomas Banks, “Special” Deputy
Franklin County Sheriff’s Office
Franklin County, Ohio

10 TV:  Police: Franklin Co. Deputy Tried To Use Position To Avoid Arrest (Nov 29 2012)

A Franklin County Sheriff’s special deputy was suspended after being pulled over and arrested for allegedly driving under the influence.

Deputy Thomas Banks was accused of attempting to use his position to avoid the arrest.  Banks initially told police that he was the head of the county’s OVI Task Force, something that Sheriff Zack Scott said was not true.  Dash cam footage showed that was not the only thing Banks told Gahanna police when he was pulled over.  “Is it necessary to cuff me?” Banks is heard saying to an officer.  Gahanna Police said that they were following procedure when they arrested Banks on East Johnstown Road. Banks was accused of traveling 20 mph over the speed limit.  “The reason why I stopped you is you made several lane changes,” an officer told Banks. “You went left of center five times and off the road three times.”  Banks showed his Franklin County Sheriff’s badge to the officer and blamed the traffic infraction on his passenger  …

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Nicole Kadien, Canandaigua Police Department, New York

Nicole Kadien, Farmington, New York
Canandaigua Police Department
Canandaigua, New York

WHEC:  Canandaigua Police officer charged with DWI (Nov 28 2012)

A Canandaigua Police officer has been charged with DWI.  Ontario County Sheriff’s Deputies say Nicole Kadien, 28, of Farmington was stopped for failing to keep right and improper lane usage on North Main Street in the city of Canandaigua on November 23. Sheriff’s Deputies determined that Kadien was intoxicated and she was arrested for DWI  …

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