Recent Additions

I add older cases as I come across them.  To avoid having the display of recent posts taken over by older cases, I set the date of each post to the date of the most recent news article cited.

Added Feb 17 2013: Max Etienne, Albany Police Department, New York (arrested Feb 2013)

Added Feb 17 2013:  Patrolman Gary Poage, Salem Police Department, Ohio (arrested Feb 2013)

Hopefully this blog will now be back on track.  My sites outgrew the shared-server environment where they had been hosted the last several years, and I’ve spent much of the last month moving them to a more suitable hosting service, troubleshooting the issues that have arisen, and just trying to catch up with everything.  — M. Feb 17 2013

Added Jan 6 2013:  Honorable Mention: Trooper Jesse Miller, New York State Police, South Utica, New York (arrested Jan 2012)

Added Jan 6 2013:  Trooper Randy J. Weaver, New York State Police, Indian Lake, New York (arrested Jan 2013)

Added Jan 6 2013:  Officer Matthew Thompson, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police, North Carolina (arrested Dec 2012)

Added Jan 2 2013:  Detective John Fox, Seattle Police Department, Washington (arrested Oct 2011)

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