Scott Kynoch, Barnstable Police Department, Massachusetts

Scott Kynoch
Barnstable Police Department

Burlington Free Press:  Cape Cod police officer convicted of DUI in Vermont resigns (Dec 4 2012)

A veteran Cape Cod police officer who pleaded guilty last month to driving while intoxicated in Vermont has resigned.  Barnstable Police Officer Scott Kynoch, 48, submitted his letter of resignation Monday instead of going through a hearing Tuesday to fight his anticipated dismissal  …  The officer was arrested twice over the past five months for drunk driving in Vermont. In November he pleaded guilty to the first drunk driving charge and to negligent operation of a motor vehicle to resolve the second drunk driving charge. He was sentenced to 10 days on a work crew, alcohol counseling and four to 12 months of jail time suspended.

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First arrest:  Failed Breathalyzer test; admitted taking Adderall, Flonase, Claritin D and another over-the-counter drug in the previous 24 hours

Second arrest:  BAC .12, tested postive for oxycodone & amphetamines

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